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Music and Theatre

Live Music Opening and

Full-length Plays in English with french surtitles.

The BFC created a platform upon which its artists can bring their own projects to the stage, presenting full-length plays subtitled in French along with a musical performance at the Théâtre de Dix Heures.



JUBILEE, created by Elizabeth WAUTLET and Andres PEYROT, with a musical introduction by Hard Working Boss. an offbeat and touching one-woman show about a father, a daughter and their debts.

LOBA, written by Rebecca ROBERTSON, directed by Andres PEYROT and Elizabeth WAUTLETt, with a musical introduction by VANESSHA, with Pattie MARTINS, Rebecca ROBERTSON, and Guillaume RUMIEL. Two lovers tango in and out of what they call love, encountering their shadow selves and another creature - Instinct. As desire dances them down the rabbit hole, they're met with the eternal inquiry: Can one be consumed by passion without losing hold of oneself?

EVIL QUEEN AND THE PRECOCIOUS PRINCESS, written and directed by Jimi DHALLUIN-GONINAN, with Romane COUMES, Kirsten DANIELS, Alaia PHILIPS DUCAU, Sharon MANN, Olivier RAYNAL & Darcy RUSCIO. All is not well in our enchanted kingdom, with the Evil Queen and the Precocious Princess at each other’s throats. Could an unexpected journey be the key to uniting these feisty females before there’s an another unfortunate incident with the guillotine?

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