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Maya, A Voice


Earned 5 stars from Le Parisien & 2 Ts from Telerama

Taking inspiration from Maya Angelou's 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings', Maya, A Voice, is a stunning theatrical creation borne of a collaboration between the BFC and Barefoot Productions. Directed by Eric Bouvron (Molière 2016 for "The Horsemen" by Joseph Kessel), it premiered at the Essaion Theater May 24th through July 27th 2019, earning 5 stars from Le Parisien,  2 Ts from Telerama. This was followed by sold out seasons in La Reunion and at the Avignon Theater Festival in July 2022.

Written by Eric Bouvron, Julie Delaurenti, Tiffany Hofstetter, Sharon Mann, and Elizabeth Wautlet.

With Julie Delaurenti, Vanessa Dolman, Tiffany Hofstetter, Ursuline Kairson, Margeaux Lampley, Audrey Mikondo, Sharon Mann, Elizabeth Wautlet, Christophe Charrier and Jo Zeugma

Diffusion Les Passionnés du Rêve


“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer it sings because it has a song."

Maya, A Voice tells the story of a little African American girl who, following a traumatic event, loses her voice and the personal journey she takes in finding it again. The little girl is Marguerite Annie Johnson, better known as Maya Angelou.  

We begin at the 1993 inauguration of the President of the United States, where Maya stands in waiting to perform a poem for the nation. At this moment Maya, faces the crowd taking in the thousands of spectators, before she speaks Maya stops and takes a moment to think about the words of her poem...In this moment of reflection, Maya begins to remember her childhood in Stamps, a small town in Arkansas....


“The actresses bring truth, humor, and sensibility to the play. The direction gives way to a perfect mix of words and voices. The songs, the a cappella singing, bring forth the atmosphere of the era and the African American community’s suffering, challenges, and hopes of the 1930s. A true homage. Simple, full of emotion, and personality.”  LA GRANDE PARADE

“We are gripped, we laugh, we are touched by this fascinating story. Ursuline Kairson’s performance as Maya is simple and touching.” REGARTS

“Ursuline Kairson’s energy is dazzling, full of truth and joy...the acting is spot on. The different characters are met with precision in their gender, personality and situation. The five woman offer us a Broadway performance.” LA REVUE DU SPECTACLE

“The life of this icon comes alive before our eyes, thanks to the talent of the artists and the fast pace direction by Eric Bouvron. Run to the Essaïon to applaud this brilliant show.” THÉATREAUTEURS

“Eric Bouvron’s show is full of life, joyous, and gives us a remarkable play. A moment of magic.” FROGGYDELIGHT.COM

“A light musical play full of poetry.” LE MONDE

“This story is told without any set, just the words and imagination that transport the audience. A few costumes and props give life to each character. The touching story of a great poet.”  SYNDICAT NATIONAL DES ENSEIGNEMENTS DE SECOND DEGRÉ

“Flamboyant.” LE PARISIEN *****

“Five actresses shine light on the iconic Maya Angelou.” TÉLÉRAMA TT

“A musical full of sensitivity, joy, and gospel.” L’HUMANITÉ Report “Un soir à Paris” – FRANCE 3 – to be seen on this link

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