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Our Mission

The primary aim of The Big Funk is to introduce American theater to France and offer bilingual productions (theater and film) to both French-and English-speaking audiences. We collaborate with writers from across the globe to achieve this goal. The Big Funk stages plays in both English and French, engaging actors from diverse cultural backgrounds in our productions.

At The Big Funk , we have faith in the profound impact of a vibrant community, the art of storytelling, and the enchanting, transformative power of theater and film on both performers and audience.

Actress reading script to audience

Our Story

Two actresses on stage
Group of actors on stage

Founded in 2011, The Big Funk is a Paris-based bilingual theater ensemble dedicated to fostering cultural connections between France and the United States. Under the artistic guidance of Tiffany Hofstetter and Clarence Tokley, the Big Funk presents a dynamic array of productions, including full-length plays, staged readings of contemporary American classics and new works, as well as engaging one-act plays showcased at their popular "American Sundays" and "American Fridays" events.

Distinguished guest artists frequently grace our stage, such as Neil Labute, Thierry Harcourt, Erica Gould, and Chiara Atik. These luminaries participate in specially curated events like the unforgettable "Shakespeare Evening" at the Cresco Cultural Center, exclusive evenings dedicated to the works of renowned writers, and a recent, groundbreaking collaboration with American designer Colm Dillane for KidSuper's "How to Find an Idea," which mesmerized audiences during Paris Fashion Week at the iconic Odeon Theatre.

Our repertoire extends beyond language boundaries, encompassing productions in French such as "Maya, Une Voix," co-authored and produced by Big Funk company members in collaboration with the Moliere award-winning director Eric Bouvron, and the French rendition of Tennessee Williams' masterpiece, "Un tramway nommé Desire."

At the core of The Big Funk's ethos lies a profound belief in the transformative power of a vibrant community, the enchanting allure of storytelling, and the enigmatic magic of theater, transcending boundaries to touch the heart and mind.

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