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A Streetcar Named Desire


Eligible for the 2020 Molières

Adaptation Pierre Laville

Directed by Manuel Olinger 

Lights Théo Guirmand

Diffusion Atelier Théâtre Actuel and Théatre La Scène Parisienne

With Francis Lalanne, Julie Delaurenti, Tiffany Hofstetter, Franck Jouglas, Jean-Pierre Olinger, Manuel Olinger, Murielle Huet des Aunay, Philipp Weissert et Gilles-Vincent Kapps.

Performances Avignon - July 2016 et July 2017, Louvres - September 16th 2017, Davezieux - October 21st 2017, Cholet - November 15th 2017 and Bruxelles - November 25th 2017, Paris - January 14th through April 12th 2020


Blanche Dubois is at the end of her rope, and falling into oblivion.  She clings to her last chance at life and takes a streetcar named Desire to escape the ghosts of her past.  She arrives at her sister Stella’s house to find refuge in the paradise of her lost dream…Belle Reve. But Stella is married to the Polish factory worker, Stanley Kowalski, played by the renowned French performer Francis Lalanne, who doesn’t like seeing his kingdom disturbed. It’s a combustible mix, with the three characters in a dangerous dance of misspent love, betrayal and loss.  

This play emphasizes the difficulties that come with the need to live with one’s own desire…

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