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How To Find An Idea - Kid Super


Debut appearance at Paris Fashion Week

Performed in Théâtre de L'Odeon

In June of 2023, The Big Funk embarked on an adventurous journey, joining forces with KidSuper for our debut appearance at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing the KidSuper Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled 'How To Find An Idea.' It's truly challenging to convey the depth of our gratitude and honor for being part of this extraordinary experience, which unfolded at the magnificent Théâtre de L’Odeon.

Our collaboration with Thierry Dreyfus and the Eyesight Group was a source of immense delight as we collectively embraced the challenge of bringing Colm Dillane's unique vision of using theatre to bring his brilliant designs to life. This endeavor marked a whirlwind of creative exploration where we had the privilege of working alongside the exceptionally talented Colm Dillane and the remarkable KidSuper team. Additionally, we had the pleasure of collaborating with choreographer Leo Walk and the dance ensemble La Marche Bleue, as well as the irrepressible Broadway producer Jordan Roth.

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