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In My Other Life


(Academy Award, Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner for "Doubt")

Directed by Julie Delaurenti

Assistant Director Sei Shiomi​

With Julie Delaurenti, Tiffany Hofstetter and Clarence Tokley. With the musical talents of Cécile De Laurentis (music composer, musician and singer), Jeremy Coffman (musician and singer) and Mike Sens (Harmonica).


Performed in Paris, Théâtre de Nesle 2013/2014

and in Avignon, La Tâche D'Encre, 2014


5 comedies in one act, to tell ONE Story.

Following the lives of ordinary people, from one dream to another

From the 1960s to now… To find the way back to themselves.

Acclaimed playwright and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley's new play “In My Other Life”, produced and created by THE BIG FUNK COMPANY, opened in Paris in the summer of 2013 in the heart of St. Germain-des-Prés, at the THEATRE DE NESLE. Shanley, well known for his films such as “Moonstruck” and “Doubt,” his new play stepping outside of his usual Broadway venues with new production entity, The Big Funk Company.


The collection of five one-acts offer the quirky, heartfelt and funny characters audiences have come to expect from Shanley… with a unifying theme of existential exploration and hope for an unknown future – no matter how messy and unexpected.

In reading these 5 plays, we find common themes that are dear to the author: Choices, Doubt, and the quest for absolution.

The plays talk about the kind of love that alters one’s life in this world that moves so fast, that we forget to listen to our intuition and aspirations.

This world where we are scared and constantly looking for something else, some answer other than what is the truth within ourselves or right in front of us.


This fear… of making the wrong choices, and going down the wrong path, but eventually this fear can lead us to letting our life pass us by.


It was clear to us that these 5 plays connected to each other in such a way that they tell a story. The protagonist in each play is faced with an extreme life changing choice, yet they are all asking themselves the same question- Do I take that big step or lose the opportunity of a lifetime? The central character finds himself in a dream, going through his life as a woman, a man, in Ireland, in New York, in the 60’s until the present time. It is up to him to decide his future. The five antagonists equally share the same identity and represent the following: destiny, temptation, doubt, life and death… intelligent characters that mirror a choice.

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